Central Florida's 24-hour Emergency Care and Specialty Referral Center

Emergency Team

Equipped with advanced training and nursing skills, our emergency team is prepared to handle any emergency situation that may arise. They are a compassionate and competent group of nurses who will help stabilize pets and even help calm our emergency clients in times of crisis. They are knowledgeable in radiology, laboratory, ICU, surgery, and a wide variety of skills.








At VHA we are not only a team but a family. Our team is built on a fundamental trust that each of us is here for the right reasons. We understand that each team member is equally valuable, and we help others whenever needed. Strong teamwork leads to greater efficiency and productivity, resulting in a lean, mean, veterinary machine. By the way, our team always has fun! Through collaboration, mutual respect and open communication, our team creates an exceptional veterinary experience one client at a time. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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