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ICU Video Archive

Julie Stewart and the Dangers of Heartworms

Julie Stewart discusses the dangers of heart worms and why you need to always have your pet on proper prevention. 

Dr. Nations Discusses Altering Your Pet

In this video Dr. Loren Nations discusses the techniques used at VHA during alterations to reduce pain and recovery time for your pet, as well as the many reasons why altering your pet is beneficial to their health.


The strength of VHA lies within our team members. They are the bricks and mortar of who we are and why we are here. We believe there is endless potential within each of us, and we empower our team members for individual success. We foster creativity, leadership, and personal growth and understand that this will promote a powerful sense of contribution and fulfillment. We empower our clients to be able to make the very best decisions for the care of their pets. Knowledge is power; belief in oneself is empowerment. 

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